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ADORB provides a CORBA/IIOP implementation for the Objective C with native IDL to Objective-C mappings, mainly for creating the CORBA clients on Mac OS X and iPhone.
ADORB includes an ADORB framework for Mac OS X and a static library libadorb for iPhone OS and iPhone Simulator.

ADORB dynamically parses the specified CORBA IDL files at the run-time and creates a definition tree in the memory. Since the IDL definitions provide all the necessary information for creating the operation invocations as well as for marshaling and un-marshaling the data, there is no need for the stub or skeleton files to be generated and compiled. This creates some level of independency of the program from the IDL definitions. The changes to the IDL files don't affect the program as they would in the case when the stub and skeleton files are used. With ADORB, in many cases, the IDL files can be merely replaced and the program restarted. For example, if a new member is added to an IDL struct definition, which will not be used by a CORBA client program then this client program can be merely restarted after replacing the IDL files, while in the case when the stub files are generated, this program, obviously, would require recompiling.

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The ADORB framework and the library libadorb are licensed under GNU LGPL. The source code is available from the ADORB project page.

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