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Class Description

The default mapping for the CosNaming's NameComponent is the NSDictionary with two keys: id and kind, where both are strings. The Name in CosNaming is defined as an array of the NameComponents.
This class provides convenient way to create NameComponents and arrays of the NameComponents. ADORB uses Key Value Coding while marshaling values, and this class implements necessary accessor methods.

Class Methods

+ nameComponentWithName:(NSString*)name

Returns the autoreleased instance of IDLNameComponent for the given name. The name is considered as the dot separated id and kind. If there are multiple dots in the name the last one is used. If there are no dots then kind is set to nil.

+ (NSArray*) nameComponentsForPath:(NSString*)path

Returns the autoreleased array of the NameComponents for the given path. The path is considered as the sequence of the names separated by '/'. There should be no leading '/'.

Instance Methods

- initWithName:(NSString*)name

Initializes the receiver considering the name as the dot separated id and kind. For example, if name = "" then the receiver will be initialized with id = "adorb.puma" and kind = "dev".

- init

Initializes the receiver with id = nil and kind=nil.

- (NSString*)name

If kind is not nil then return the string id.kind, otherwise return id.

- (NSString*)getId

Returns the receiver's id value.
Note that here id is the entry name in the CosNaming/NameComponent, not the object's id.

- (void) setId:(NSString*)str

Sets the receiver's id to str.

- (NSString*)getKind

Return the receiver's kkind value.

- (void) setKind:(NSString*)str

Sets the receiver's kind value to str.