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Class Description

An IDLServiceContext object encapsulates a CORBA Service Context that provides a mechanism for passing a service-specific information as a "hidden" parameter.

Class Methods

+ serviceContextWithContextId:(unsigned)contextId context:context

Returns autoreleased IDLServiceContext object initialized with specified contextId and context.

+ (void)registerContextId:(unsigned)contextId withIDLPath:(NSString*)idlPath

Adds the context ID contextId to the known service contexts. ORB will use IDL definition with path idlPath to marshal and un-marshal the service context value.
The already known service contexts are CodeSets and BI_RIR_IIOP.

+ (NSDictionary*)currentContextDictionary

Returns the current request context dictionary with key/values pairs contextId/IDLServiceContext.
On client the current request context will be sent to the server with invocation. The service context can be modified by interceptors before sending.
On the server the current request context is received from the client with request and is available in the remote method implementation.

+ (IDLServiceContext*)currentContextForContextId:(unsigned)contextId

Returns the current request context object for contextId, if any, or nil.

+ (void) addContext:(IDLServiceContext*)context

Adds specified service context to the current request service contexts.

+ (void) removeContextWithContextId:(unsigned)contextId

Removes context with specified contextId from the current service contexts.

Instance Methods

- initWithContextId:(unsigned)contextId context:context

Returns IDLServiceContext object initialized with specified contextId and context.

- (unsigned)contextId

Returns receiver's contextId.

- context

Returns receiver's context value.