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Class Description

An IDLTaggedComponent object represents a IOR Component contained in the TAG_INTERNET_IOP profile. The IOR Components are identified by a unique numeric tag. The component value is encoded as CDR encapsulation.
A path to an IDLDefinition for the component value should be provided to ensure ORB can encode and decode the component value from CDR encapsulation. When ORB decodes the component value and no IDLDefinition path is registered for the component tag, the component value is not decoded and IDLTaggedComponent will return nil as a component value. For a local CORBAObject an IDL path should be registered for every added IDLTaggedComponent.
The tagged components can be added to CORBAObject's profile in response to ORBDidCreateObjectProfile notification using corresponding CORBAObject's methods.

Class Methods

+ registerComponentTag:(unsigned)tag withIDLPath:(NSString*)idlPath

Adds the component tag tag to the known tagged components. ORB will use IDL definition with path idlPath to marshal and un-marshal the tagged component's value.
The already known tagged components are TAG_ORB_TYPE, TAG_CODE_SETS and TAG_ALTERNATE_IIOP_ADDRESS.

Instance Methods

- initWithTag:(unsigned)tag component:component

Returns IDLTaggedComponent object initialized with specified tag and component.

- (unsigned)componentTag

Returns receiver's component tag.

- component

Returns receiver's component value.