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January 30, 2010

AdORB version 1.6 is released.

System requirements:Mac OS X 10.5 or later, iPhone OS 3.1 or later.

ADORB Framework

ADORB is a free open source Mac OS X framework that provides CORBA/IIOP implementation for Objective-C, primarily to simplify developing CORBA client applications on Mac OS X and iPhone OS. ADORB implements dynamic IDL parsing at run-time and native IDL to Objective-C mapping - IDL types can be mapped to the arbitrary Objective-C classes.

Usually, creating a CORBA application includes generating the stub or skeleton files from the IDL files and then compiling and linking those files with the application.
ADORB interprets the CORBA IDL files at run-time and dynamically creates the method invocations for the remote operations - there are no stub or skeleton files to be generated and compiled with the CORBA application.
ADORB separates the CORBA application from the IDL definitions creating some level of independency of the application from the CORBA IDL definitions. In many cases the minor changes in the IDL files do not affect the application - the IDL files can be just replaced and the application restarted.

Key Features


IDLBrowser is a CORBA client application that uses ADORB framework to communicate to the CORBA servers. IDLBrowser allows browsing CORBA IDL definitions, connecting to a CORBA server and executing remote operations, as well as accessing and viewing the CORBA Naming Service hierarchy graphically, fetching the remote object references from the Naming Service and using those references in the remote calls, as a target or as an argument. It also can be used to generate the Objective-C header files for the IDL interfaces.

IDLBrowser supports all the IDL types including any, valuetype, abstract interfaces, as well as recursive definitions and arbitrary value graphs.
IDLBrowser may be helpful as a quick reference tool while developing or maintainig CORBA projects as well as in testing the CORBA server API.

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